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iBloomWeb's Story

The story of iBloomWeb is the story of what owner, Tye West loves. One of her first memories of love is her dog Blossom. 
When it came time for Tye to venture out with her web development business, something she has a strong love for, Blossom came to mind. 
iBloomWeb is about what it looks like when you love what you do so much that you become the best at it.

Why do you love what you do?

"I started playing with HTML and designing websites in my teens. As an adult, I've looked for an outlet to express my creativity. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with the skill to draw. I realized the next best thing would be web and graphic designing.
I get to use my creativity and watch a basic idea bloom into a visual story – putting my clients’ story into a visually appealing design.
Web designing is ever evolving from different trends to the tools and programs used. I enjoy the challenge of learning a new technique and/or program and creating artwork that not only I but my client falls in love with.”
Tye West - Owner & Founder of iBloomWeb

Community Involvement & Fundraising Program

Web design is what we do, but we also make it a goal to give back to our community.
Learn more about our fundraising and community events!
We're proud to support fundraising initiatives that promote community involvement like our 1st annual "For the Love of Children” Valentine’s Day fundraiser and our 2020 Christmas Fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Corpus Christi.
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Ellison Helmsman Inc.

Nothing makes owner Tye West happier than knowing that she has Josh Henderson as a partner in IBloomWeb.
“I think about how many business owners out there probably don’t realize what a huge advantage it is to have Josh and Ellison Helmsman Inc. in their corner as business owners.
His knowledge as an attorney and his experience in growing so many different types of businesses creates an incredible amount of confidence for me as I push iBloomWeb to the next level.
I’m excited about the businesses we will help and the amazing websites we will build for them as we continue to grow iBloom together!”
Strategic growth company for personal growth, professional growth, and the growth of your business.

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